JENKINTOWN, march 26 @ Home

Contribute focus points for our upcoming game! Be specific.
Good example: Run through GB pick-ups and box-out
Not so good example: Go get 'em!

keep your head up and always be looking. Hip to the ball head on a swivel!
when the goalie has the ball on the other team...she always makes it easy for us to read where she is looking and about to throw- not to mention 99% of the time its a lob pass- so HEY INTERCEPT! and LETS GET 'EM!!!!
- sliding on defense and zone defense when there are two offenders behind
make sure to slideeee on defense when someone is rolling the crease..someone should slide to the ball to double and then someone should slide down to cover the girl that will cut to the middle....and TALK on defenseee
-keep your head up and see not only your girl but what everyone else is doing
-tell someone when a pic is coming and dont act like a second pic on them!
-realize what's going on around you, dont set a pic if the ball is on the ground and dont cut if the person with the ball isnt ready

go through the ball and get low and make sure your cradling when you come up so the defense cant get it from you

for the attack wings, start a little back and run up to the draw that way we have a running start and have a greater shot at getting the ball and then wer already running so yea and then go to goal