Play another sport? Part of a lax club team? Been to a lax camp?
Post any ideas for drills here!
go to that site- it shows you a lot of drills/ advise!

4V4's like crazyyyy! helps everyone get a better sense of the game, helps ball movement and cuts

Shooting Drills

we should do the star drill but w/ d on everyone!
work on placement with the "hector the rejector" thing. shooting net..idk

Defensive Drills

-DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) helps with the concept of keeping players on their toes.

Passing Drills

- When it gets warmer the drill with the water balloons.. where we have a partner and have to line up across them and throw and catch the balloons without them popping.. it really helps work on giving with the ball and its really fun and a good way to cool off when its hot

Goalie Drills!

We should do rapid release to keep the goalies on their toes.
- Goalies are on their knees w/ a ping pong paddle taped to their hands. A teamate hits ping pong balls at the goalie, and the goial may only use their hands to block the balls. (Works the idea of reaching forward).

GB Drills

-practice getting ground balls with both hands, 50/50 challenge drills are always good for bround balls, especially going to and away from the ball ( this can also be done in the air-- its good for off the draw)
-This is a GB Drill and also a "circle play" drill. There are 8 people inside the 12 and 4 people are on one team and the ohter 4 on the other team. You start with a ground ball and whoever gets the ball is on offense and trys to score. Then after the ball is "dead" everyone has to run to the 12 touch the line and run back to recieve another ground ball that someone rolls out to them.

Transition / Full-Field Drills

Variations on Shuttle Drills

work on one hand passes @ the top of stick, middle then bottom, helps with rist strength and stick work
When i went to camp this summer at Lehigh we did a shuttle warm - up line and one of the skills we did was the person with the ball would run a couple steps then they would trail pass it to the next person in line, then the next person would give a leading pass to the girl who just gave her a shuttle pass.

Drills that Defy Categorization

that relay that we did where you have pinnies tied around chairs and you get them one at a time, and then you have to transfer the pinnie to the next person in line without using your hands but the other people in line can. (i think) im not sure the exact rules but we did it my freshman year-- shannon