This page recognizes those lady lax-ers who receive Player of the Day recognition

Wednesday, March 28 (game vs. U. Dublin) - Becky B.: continued improvement throughout the game; appropriate footwork; solid help defense; nice forced turnover against. #15!

Wednesday, March 21 - Alli: amazing intensity on defense, forcing girls on attack to 'do something' with the ball; quarterbacking the attack.

Monday, March 19 - Brittany: great on-ball defense: aggressive, good footwork, solid pressure forcing girl w/ ball away from line of center.

Wednesday, March 14 - Inge: leading with her hands on the saves, seeing the shot, stepping out as an outlet on clears, SAVING SHOTS!

Friday, March 9 - Lauren C: catching on the move, good off-ball movement, able to create space to receive a pass or clear out for her teammate with the ball.

Thursday, March 8 - Meg: Intensity in the passing drill, lots of communication, and great verbal supports for her teammates.

Wednesday, March 7 - Shannon: continuing the go-to-goal mentality, but adding off-ball movement to get herself and her teammates open; constant communication on defense!

Tuesday, March 6 - Ellen: great go-to-goal mentality and demonstrated no fear when driving through traffic and getting knocked down to the ground.