Question of the day

March 5: What does effective man-to-man defense look like?

~Effective man-to-man D is having your head on a swivel seeing your girl and the ball and always being in between the two. 1st post West!!!
~ BE LOUD! it will distract your girl and when she has the ball it will make her feel nervous, like she needs to get rid of it... and always make sure the middle of your body is lined up with her shoulder so she cant beat you either way and dont be flat footed or she'll run right by you.
~TALK to your teammates! tell them who you have and tell them to double when needed!
-going along with the talking...If the girl you're marking is going to set a Pick let you're teammate know it's coming. So they can be prepared to switch with you or move out of the way of the Pick.
~After the person you are playing throws a ball, step back two steps quickly and be ready for a cut. Also always look in the direction of the ball as you drop off. Don't turn your back on the ball.
- never let the girl your playing see your back...once she does, she has you beat..especiallyy near the crease because then she can roll it (rodoff member when you said that at practice today!)
- Don't get intimidated, be intimidating. Make sure your girl knows shes not going anywhere.
- Keep your stick up and ready to intercept a pass or shot, and try to anticipate where the next pass will go. Also, the girl you're on may have fancy footwork and be able to fake really well, but she isn't going anywhere without her belly button.
-Hip to the ball head on a swivel
-Sternum to shoulder defense..the center of ur chest to the girl's shoulder
-Talk to your teamates and let them know where you are to the ball....stick with your girl and always stay on your toes so your ready for every cut and move