Without using names of opposing players, add what you know about the following teams on our schedule this year!

Suburban One Opponents:

  • Cheltenham
    • there is this girl on that team who is very speedy! small, fast and good @ shooting

  • Plymouth Whitemarsh
    • I don't know who is left on PW-- a lot of girls graduated. Either way, we HAVE to show them up this year!
    • they have an attacker who is strong with both hands has a really nice shot. but im not sure where she plays like low or the midfield. but i think its in the midfield. she has good dodges and footwork too, not so much speed though.
    • they have two girls: #2 and then another offender/midi. the midi has blonde hair and she's pretty tall.
    • apparently their team is having trouble getting people to go to practice. but we cannot let that determine how we play!! we still have to come out hard.
  • Upper Dublin

    • i play club lacrosse with a girl on this team. She is a really strong low home. She will roll the crease right and no matter where you are on the crease she will run through you to get to the goal. She is strong with both hands, but predominantly right.
    • I thinkk i know who your talking about- we played her in indoor once and she was the only one who knew what she was doing on that team and also the Goalie is awesome, really tall so shoot low, bounce shots! etc..
    • I played with the one girl before, Amanda Gregg she is the center. She is pretty tall and I think she usually shoots high but that may just be me. Her and the girl Shannon was talking about also set picks for each other and work together alot. The goal is pretty big, and like whoever above said she is really good with high shots. But I remember last year I took a bunch of shots on her bottom right and she couldn't get that...i know i wasnt suppose to use her name but my bad.
    • yeah watch the goalie for intercepting passes from behind the cage
  • Upper Merion

  • Upper Moreland

  • Wissahickon

    • i remember when we played them last year one of there midfielders is really small, fast, and gets like ALL the draws
    • i know that as of the begining of this week their team still had not been split up into jv and varsity they were still waiting to find out who was on which and i also heard abington beat them pretty badly in a scrimmage

Non-League Foes:

  • Springside i went to a camp at lehigh this summer and i played with 4 girls and one has really good stick skills....i also played with thier goalie who is good but nit great
    • Did their old goalie graduate?
    >> yea, there old goalie did graduate, she plays for American now.
  • Jenkintown
  • Gwynedd Mercy
    • Pottstown
    • Springford
    • Unionville
    • Souderton
    • Haverford (public)